Welcome to Dentistry@Saint Joseph’s Doctors Center, the private, general and cosmetic dental practice of Dr. Richard A. Smith. We are conveniently located in North Atlanta near the northern arch of I-285 and Georgia Highway 400. Dr. Smith and the professional staff of Dentistry@Saint Joseph’s Doctors Center are pleased that you have chosen our office for your dental care.

Why do Patients Choose Dentistry@Saint Joseph’s Doctors Center?

Patients join our North Atlanta general and cosmetic dental practice for many reasons other than just our convenient location. Often, the reason is as simple as their desire to maintain their dental health with periodic exams and preventive cleanings. Patients frequently comment on the thorough and gentle care they receive when our hygienists provide treatment. In addition to the satisfying feeling of well-cleaned, polished, bright teeth, the dental cleaning is essential to prevent gum and bone disease. We support and share this value with our patients, and strive to offer you a variety of appointment times. We respect your time while you are in our office!

Other new patients join our office when they are experiencing a dental emergency related to an undiscovered long-term problem or complicated health history. If you are experiencing an emergency, we will do our best to make you comfortable and will try to help prevent similar situations in the future. Advancements in dentistry now offer a wide variety of preventative and cosmetic treatment options which you may appreciate. Our commitment is to provide dental services that will give you the longest lasting, most stable and most satisfying solution. Taking the necessary time to evaluate the problem and plan the solution, which sometimes involves multiple steps or stages, provides patients with the most comfortable and affordable choices.

Lastly, many of our new patients are curious to learn more about the many advances in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, and discover how these changes can meet their health goals. Restorative dentistry involves taking more complicated dental problems and finding solutions suited to the patient’s individual needs. For example, a patient wearing a removable partial denture might wonder how dental implants, porcelain techniques and dental teeth whitening can transform their smile, while increasing their comfort and confidence. Other patients are concerned about preventing tooth loss or advanced jaw problems as they advance in years. Dr. Smith has seen many scenarios, and he and his dental team enjoy the satisfaction of learning patients’ goals for their dental health and providing services that meet those needs.

As you join the family of Dentistry@Saint Joseph’s Doctors Center, we will seek to understand your dental needs and interests. Your questions are always welcomed. We attribute our enthusiasm and love for what we do to the multifaceted role we embrace as educators, clinicians and, most importantly, as friends.

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